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The Tico Times: Central America’s leading English-language news source.

Bribrí residents report strange helicopter flights over Costa Rica’s Talamanca Mountains (November, 2013)

 According to members of the Bribrí indigenous community in southeastern Costa Rica, each day two helicopters fly over the  Talamanca Mountains in mysterious flights near the Panamanian border. No one – including police and Civil Aviation officials –  seems to know what those helicopters are doing in the area.

Police in Costa Rica’s northwestern province losing battle against immigrant smuggling rings (November, 2013)

Illegal immigration in Costa Rica’s northwestern province of Guanacaste occurs every day in both directions along the  country’s  border with Nicaragua, officials from the National Police and the local prosecutor’s office say.

Presidential candidates in Costa Rica use social media to reach voters living abroad (November, 2013)

Presidential candidates in Costa Rica are trying to reach more than 12,000 Ticos living abroad who have registered to  vote at their closest consulate or embassy. For the first time, Costa Ricans will be allowed to vote from overseas in the  upcoming Feb. 2 elections for president.

Costa Rican immigrants in Texas stay connected through social media (August, 2013)

According to the U.S. Census, roughly 80,000 Costa Ricans live in the U.S. Using social media and spreading the word through Spanish-­language media in Texas, Costa Ricans organize social events to gather and preserve their cultural ties.

Politic365 is the premier digital destination for politics and policy related to communities of color.

DREAMers in Mexico: Former immigrants struggle in their home country (April, 2013)

Los otros DREAMers is a Facebook group created by former U.S. immigrants who are back in Mexico. They left their home country as children and graduated from an American high school but at some point in their lives, they faced deportation or a voluntary return.

The tortilla cartel’s role in spreading poverty in Mexico (March, 2013)

One company, Grupo Maseca (Gruma), concentrates 71.2% of the imports, stockpiles, and sales of corn, and it is the main supplier of tortilla shops across the country.  Tortillas are only a snapshot of the market concentration that prevails in the Mexican food industry.

NAFTA fumbles on U.S.-Mexico student exchange programs (July, 2012)

The number of Americans studying abroad in Mexico and the number of Mexicans coming to American institutions is far distant from the economic ties of both neighbor countries.

 The Austin American-Statesman, the major daily newspaper for Austin, the capital city of Texas.

 Austin 360: 35 years later Mexican cuisine in Austin still evolving (September, 2010)

 Statesman: From humble beginnings, Andrade grows into state secretary job (November, 2009)



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